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Foaming regulator is a kind of prcessing aid with much higher intrinsic viscosity. It can promote fusion and melt strength of PVC compound especially in PVC foaming board.
  • Foaming Regulator P-700
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    Foaming Regulator P-700

    P-700 is super high molecular weight acrylic processing aid. It is mainly used in PVC foaming board thickness more than 12mm.
  • Acrylic Processing Aid For Sheet
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    Acrylic Processing Aid For Sheet

    Acrylic processing aid for sheet In PVC foaming sheets, the purpose of adding high molecular weight Acrylic processing aid is to promote plasticization of PVC. The second is to improve the melt strength of PVC foaming materials and prevent the bubbles from merging to obtain...
  • Acrylic Processing Aid For Foaming
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    Acrylic Processing Aid For Foaming

    Acrylic processing aid for Foaming PVC foaming regulator is actually acrylic processing aid, it has all the basic characteristics of the PVC processing aids, the only difference is that the molecular weight of PVC foaming regulator is much higher than that of general- Acrylic...
  • Foaming Regulator P-530
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    Foaming Regulator P-530

    Foaming Regulator P-530 1:Application P-530 is PVC processing aid. It can be used in all kinds of rigid PVC application, such as PVC profile , pipe ,pipe fitting. Especially suitable for free foaming board(below 5mm) as Foaming Regulator. 2:Product benefits A:Promote fusion...
  • Foaming Regulator P-600
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    Foaming Regulator P-600

    Foaming Regulator P-600 1.What's the difference between High IV Processing aid with the general processing aid? The intrinsic viscosity of P-600 reached 11-12. The intrinsic viscosity of General acrylic processing aid is 3-5. It means P-600 with much higher molecular...
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