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  • PVC Processing Aid P-801
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    PVC Processing Aid P-801

    SAN processing aid P-801 1.What's the advantage of P-801? Faster fusion time. Higher molecular weight and viscosity Better surface glossiness Better price than General processing aid. 2.How about the index of P-801? 3.How about the applications? All kind of opaque PVC...
  • Acrylic Processing Aid K-120N
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    Acrylic Processing Aid K-120N

    General Processing Aid P-125,P-120N 1.What‘s the advantage of P-125,P-120N? P-125,P-120N is Acrylic Processing Aid ( PVC Processing Aid ).It is widely used used in PVC formulations to improve the fusion,melt strength, and the surface glossiness. Both P-125 and 120N are White...
  • Transparent Acrylic Processing Aid P-40
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    Transparent Acrylic Processing Aid P-40

    Transparent Acrylic processing aid P-40 1.What‘s the advantage of P-40? Good transparency for PVC final products Better fusion-promotion property Higher output rate Better surface-gloss of PVC finished products 2.How about the index of P-40? 3.How about the applications? P-40...
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