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  • Acrylic Processing Aid K-175
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    Acrylic Processing Aid K-175

    Acrylic processing aid P-175 1.What‘s the advantage of P-175? P-175 is the solution for DOW K-175. The advantage of P-175: More suitable price with the same performance. More stable quality. More lower using dosage. 2.How about the index of P-175? 3.How about the...Read More
  • Foaming Regulator P-700
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    Foaming Regulator P-700

    P-700 is super high molecular weight acrylic processing aid. It is mainly used in PVC foaming board thickness more than 12mm.Read More
  • Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE-135A
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    Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE-135A

    Chlorinated Polyethylene CPE-135A 1.What’s the difference between CPE-135A with general CPE? Cost-save Better acceptance of high filler levels Consistent quality. The product quality will be always the same as the first batch. 2.How about the index of CPE-135A? 3. We have not...Read More
  • Internal Lubricant LU-60
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    Internal Lubricant LU-60

    Internal lubricant LU-60 Description LU-60 is one kind of a polyols phthalic acid ester.It has excellent dispersion and good transparency. It can be used in all kinds of PVC products application as an internal lubricant,especially transparent products. Product’s advantages:...Read More
  • Lead Stabilizer LS-15
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    Lead Stabilizer LS-15

    Lead stabilizer for PVC profiles LS - 35 1. Application Lead stabilizer LS-35 is compound stabilizer used for PVC profiles application. 2. What can LS-35 bring to the PVC profiles? A:Endow the PVC melt has eminent thermal stability B:Enhance the dispersibility of fillers in...Read More
  • Ca-zn Stabilizer CS-50
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    Ca-zn Stabilizer CS-50

    Ca-Zn stabilizer CS- 5 0 Description Ca-Zn stabilizer CS-50 is Calcium-zinc based stabilizer used for PVC Profiles, Pipes application etc. Key property ◆ Excellent thermal stability. ◆ No plate-out. ◆ Keep the primary colors. ◆ Outstanding weather-ability. ◆ Stable process...Read More
  • PE Wax PW-300
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    PE Wax PW-300

    PE WAX PW-300 Description Low density polyethylene (LDPE) homopolymer used for use in dispersion for rigid PVC application, such as PVC profiles,PVC cables,PVC pipe fittings and so on. Packaging and storage • 25 kg Kraft bag • Store in dry conditions • Store at room...Read More
  • PVC Impact Modifiers
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    PVC Impact Modifiers

    PVC impact modifiers PVC impact modifiers are used to improve the low temperature brittleness of PVC materials and endow them higher toughness and glossiness. PVC impact modifiers can be divided into Acrylic impact modifiers,MBS impact modifiers, chlorinated polyethylene. We...Read More
  • OPE Wax 316A
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    OPE Wax 316A

    OPE WAX 316A Description High Density Oxidized Polyethylene Wax Packaging and storage • 25 kg Kraft bag • Store in dry conditions • Store at room temperature • Refer to MSDS for safety handling Typical propertiesRead More
  • One Pack Compound
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    One Pack Compound

    One Pack/PVC compound for foaming board Design formula for Southeast Asian clientRead More
  • Lead Stabilizer for PVC Pipes
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    Lead Stabilizer for PVC Pipes

    Lead stabilizer for PVC pipes LS - 25 1. Application Lead stabilizer LS-25 is compound stabilizer used for PVC pipes application,such as irrigation pipe, drain-pipe ect. 2. What can LS-25 bring to the PVC pipes? A:Endow the PVC melt has eminent thermal stability B:Enhance the...Read More
  • PE Wax
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    PE Wax

    PE WAX Polyethylene wax (PE wax) is widely used as External lubricant. It has excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance and abrasion resistance. Application of polyethylene wax. 1. Color masterbatch. As a dispersing agent in color masterbatch processing,...Read More
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