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▋Who we are ?

Shandong Polymer Additives Co. Ltd., is one of the largest manufacturer of PVC additives and compounds in china. With 3 plants and more than 320 stuffs, we have focused on producing and providing PVC modifiers for more than 12 years.  The total sales for both domestic and overseas market in 2017 is more than 27,540 MT.

You can find following additives for your rigid PVC Business:

● Ca-Zn Stabilizer & Lead Stabilizer

● Chlorinated Polyethylene(CPE)

● Acrylic Processing aid

● PVC Lubricants

● PVC One Pack Compound

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Four reasons you should trust Polymer additives.

● More than 12 years experience in PVC industry.

 Strong R&D capacity brings suitable products and technical support to you.

● Control quality from raw material to finish products.

● High automation level brings lower cost and consistent quality.

Our service commitment to you.

● Quick response to your request, 7*24 on line.

● Formula optimization according to your recipe and extruders.

● On call for technical and adjustment service at your plant.

● If you meet any quality problem due to our products, we will bear all your loss.

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