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Shandong Polymer Additives Co.,Ltd | Updated: Dec 10, 2018


The global environmental protection requirements are becoming increasingly strict, the demands for the environmental purification that mankind needs to live on are becoming increasingly intense, and the regulatory pressure to limit the use of heavy metal heat stabilizers is intensifying day by day It makes the Development and production of heat stabilizer develop towards the direction of innocuity, high efficiency and multi-function. Wuxi, low lead, low dust and substitute for lead salt have become the focus of the development of heat stabilizer varieties in the world. Relatively few new chemicals have been introduced as stabilizers, while composite stabilizers are everywhere.
The development trend of various stabilizers is as follows.
(1) lead salt without dust is the most basic requirement, low lead is the environmental force. In view of the excellent performance of lead salt in pipe materials and insulation materials, lead-free process in the world is slow, lead salt really exit the stage of history needs new performance and price than good lead-free products, the need to strengthen environmental protection regulations It takes time, too.
(2) the high performance of Organotin methyl tin products has been greatly developed, especially in China. In recent years, pan-sheng in Shenzhen and nan-xing in Hubei have made fruitful efforts in the production and promotion of Methyltin. Starting from the raw material tin and adopting its own patent technology, Fansheng company has grasped the key technology of producing 6000t methyltin per year, and has developed a new anti-cool Organotin compound, which indicates that the production of Organotin has reached a high level in our country. At present, the development of Organotin stabilizers in China makes the structure of heat stabilizers more reasonable.
(3) non-toxic Calcium / zinc metal soap stabilizers have been widely used in the field of large diameter pipes and insulation. But the development of complex metal soap is not paid enough attention in China, and the varieties of high-performance auxiliary stabilizer are not enough. The development of high-performance complex metal soaps relies on high-performance auxiliary stabilizers.
(4) Rare Earth stabilizer is a kind of heat stabilizer with Chinese characteristics. At present, there are more than 10 factories and scientific research units involved in the development of rare earth stabilizers in China. Some factories in Baotou and other places have seized the opportunity of carrying out large-scale development in China's western region and planned to build large-scale Rare Earth stabilizer bases. However, most of the rare earth stabilizers are the complex of rare earth and lead salt, which can only be used as a transition product with low lead content. The widespread use of Rare Earth stabilizer also needs to solve the problem of insufficient lubricity and workability.
(5) pure organic compounds pure organic stabilizers are regarded as substitutes for metal stabilizers. CIBA fine, Morton and other companies have introduced pure organic products represented by Amine chalybeate. Compared with metal stabilizers, pure organic products are environment-friendly It is expected to play an important role in replacing toxic heavy metal stabilizers.
(6) other new compounds used as heat stabilizers in recent years include hydrotalcite series, perchlorate, etc. . CIBACARJI combines perchloric acid and its salts with Epoxide and antioxidants in PVC for excellent heat and color resistance Combined with fatty acid zinc used in PVC, it can prevent the coloring of the mixture; German South Chemical Company has built a production unit with 5,000 tons of hydrotalcite per year, and has patented technology. As an environmentally benign additive, hydrotalcite has a broad application prospect.