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Shandong Polymers Additives Co. Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturer of PVC additives and compounds in china.
  • PVC Impact Modifiers AIM-50
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    PVC Impact Modifiers AIM-50

    AIM-50 is mainly used in PVC window profile, PVC pipe and pipe fitting, PVC fence, PVC siding and decking, PVC panel,etc. It is the equivalent product for FM 50,DMA 650
  • Acrylic Processing Aid For Sheet
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    Acrylic Processing Aid For Sheet

    Acrylic processing aid for sheet In PVC foaming sheets, the purpose of adding high molecular weight Acrylic processing aid is to promote plasticization of PVC. The second is to improve the melt strength of PVC foaming materials and prevent the bubbles from merging to obtain...
  • Acrylic Processing Aid For Foaming
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    Acrylic Processing Aid For Foaming

    Acrylic processing aid for Foaming PVC foaming regulator is actually acrylic processing aid, it has all the basic characteristics of the PVC processing aids, the only difference is that the molecular weight of PVC foaming regulator is much higher than that of general- Acrylic...
  • Chlorinated Polyethylene Cpe
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    Chlorinated Polyethylene Cpe

    Chlorinated Polyethylene Chemical name: Chlorinated Polyethylene English name: EthyleneresinchlorinatedCl; Polyethylene, chlorinated; Chlorinated polyethyleneStructure: [ch2-chcl-ch2-ch2]n. CPE. Chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) as the saturated polymer material, appearance is...
  • CPE135A
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    CPE-135A Chemical name: chlorinated polyethylene.CPE-135A is chlorinated polyethylene, which is produced by chlorination of HDPE, which is used to replace the hydrogen atoms on HDPE molecular chains. Three key factors that affect CPE performance: 1. The kinds of PE -- The CPE...
  • PVC Thermal Stabilizer
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    PVC Thermal Stabilizer

    PVC thermal stabilizer 1) Salt base heat stabilizer: salt base class stabilizer is refers to the combination with "base" of the inorganic and organic lead salt, this type of stabilizer has excellent heat resistance, weather resistance and electrical insulation, low...
  • PVC Heat Stabilizer
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    PVC Heat Stabilizer

    PVC heat stabilizer PVC heat stabilizer is mainly used for PVC and other chlorine-containing polymers.It was found that the PVC can be processed only at above 160 ℃.It began to thermal decomposition in 120 ~ 130 ℃, release HCl gas, if not inhibit the production of HCl,...
  • Organotin Stabilizers
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    Organotin Stabilizers

    Organotin stabilizers We do not produce Organotin stabilizers But we buy in bulk to produce one pack/compound for clear sheet,bottle,films. If you need our help to introduce good Organotin stabilizers producers,we are willing to introduce for you. Chemical composition:...
  • PVC Thermal Stabilizers
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    PVC Thermal Stabilizers

    PVC thermal stabilizers We are one for the largest PVC thermal stabilizer producer in china. Our annual capacity has reached 35,000 tons/year. Therefore, PVC thermal stabilizers are classified into the following categories: 1. Lead salt composite stabilizer. 2. OBS organic...
  • PVC Additives
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    PVC Additives

    PVC additives According to different applications, including profile, pipe, sheet, film, foam board, wood, plastic, flooring and other products, there are dozens kind of PVC additives, we can design and help you choose the most suitable PVC additives according to your...
  • Tin Stabilizers
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    Tin Stabilizers

    Tin stabilizers We do not produce tin stabilizer But we buy in bulk to produce one pack/compound for clear sheet,bottle,films. We may get better price than you can. We always do 3 times quality testing and inspection in our factory. After inspection, then arrange shipment for...
  • PVC Heat Stabilizers
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    PVC Heat Stabilizers

    PVC heat stabilizer. We are one for the bigger and best PVC heat stabilizer producer in china. Our annual output have reached 35,000 tons. For Business affairs,please contact International business department: Mr. Clinton Chen E-mail: info@pvcadd.com We will give you the best...
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