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The introduction of PVC thermal stabilizer

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The introduction of PVC thermal stabilizer

The introduction of PVC thermal stabilizer

PVC thermal stabilizer, also called PVC heat stabilizer, is mainly used for PVC and other chlorine-containing polymers.

It was found that PVC can be processed only at above 160 ℃ while it began to decomposition at 120 ~ 130 ℃, then release HCL gas. 

If not inhibit the production of HCl, decomposition will further aggravate, this is the main difficulty in the development and application of PVC.


Study found that a small amount of salt metal like lead Stearate, Calcium Stearate in the PVC compound can delay the thermal decomposition to a certain extent. 

The above problems were solved, which led to the establishment and development of the research field of thermal stabilizer.

PVC products manufactures can choose the following kinds of stabilizer according to the content and property.


1) Salt base thermal stabilizer: salt base stabilizer is referring to the combination with "base" of the inorganic and organic lead salt, this type of stabilizer has excellent thermal resistance, weather resistance and electrical insulation, low cost. But the transparency of this kind of stabilizer is poor, Dosage: 0.5% ~ 5.0%.

2) Fatty acid thermal stabilizer, This kind of thermal stabilizer is composed of fatty acid root and metal ion compound, also known as metal soap thermal stabilizer, its performance is related to acid radical and the kinds of metal ions.

General dosage:0.1% ~ 3.0%.


3) Organic tin thermal stabilizer, this class with PVC thermal stabilizer molecules ligand, unstable chlorine atoms and organic tin in the ligand carboxylic acid ester and unstable chlorine atom displacement. This kind of thermal stabilizer is characterized by high stability, good transparency and excellent thermal resistance. The disadvantage is that the price is more expensive.


4) Composite thermal stabilizer: this kind of thermal stabilizer is based on salt base class or metal soap liquid or solid complexes and organic tin compounds, including metal salts of calcium, magnesium, zinc, barium, calcium, zinc and barium - such as zinc and barium - cadmium; Common organic acids such as organic fatty acids, naphthenic acid, oleic acid, benzoic acid and salicylic acid.


5)  Organic compound thermal stabilizer. This thermal stabilizer with a few main stabilizers used alone  include high boiling point of the polyols and phosphate ester, stabilizer and phosphate with metal, can improve the weatherability of composite materials, transparency, improve the product surface color.

Shandong Polymer Additives Co., Ltd. Provide two kinds of Stabilizer: Lead stabilizer LS-15, LS-25, LS-35 and Ca-zn Stabilizer CS-50, CS-60, CS-70.

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